The Miracle of Bali: 1. The Midday Sun


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First transmitted in 1969, this is a general introduction to Bali, its people and their varied arts, with the main focus on Peliatan village, its orchestra and dancers.In the first of this three-part series, David Attenborough visits composer Anak Agung Gde Mandera in Peliatan, who went on a successful word tour with his Gamelan orchestra in 1952. David Attenborough also observes three young Balinese girls being trained and finally performing the greatest of Bali


Channel: BBC (Archive)

First Air Date: 8pm 10 Jun 1969

Duration: 49 mins


Collection: David Attenborough - The Early Years (31 programmes)

A collection of programmes, letters and photographs from 1955-1969, showcasing the early work of Sir David Attenborough.



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