Adventure: Quest under Capricorn: 6. The First Australians


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First transmitted in 1963, the Aboriginal people are the subject of this report by David Attenborough from the Northern Territory of Australia. David Attenborough joins the Gunavidji people on the coast of the Northern Territory to obtain a better understanding of their traditional way of life. He examines the efforts of the Australian government to move Aboriginal communities away from their nomadic tradition by building welfare settlements and training schools. This programme offers a unique insight into a difficult and complex period in Aboriginal history.


Channel: BBC (Archive)

First Air Date: 7.30pm 31 May 1963

Duration: 29 mins


Collection: David Attenborough - The Early Years (31 programmes)

A collection of programmes, letters and photographs from 1955-1969, showcasing the early work of Sir David Attenborough.



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