The Paras: 7. Down to Earth


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This 1984 updated version of the programme, first transmitted in 1983, is the final episode in the series. It follows the recruits, who have now gained their wings, to Northern Ireland on their first posting. Here they learn to patrol the province against a backdrop of over 10 years of terrorist activity and the continual dangers of hidden bombs.The update adds a short 'what happened next' section to the end of the programme featuring some of the recruits who failed to be selected during the process.


Guidance: Contains some upsetting scenes.

Channel: BBC (Archive)

First Air Date: 30 Aug 1984

Duration: 34 mins


Collection: Army: A Very British Institution (27 programmes)

A collection of BBC programmes about the British Army, featuring classic documentaries and historic events dating back to the 1950s.



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